2 thoughts on “Welcome.

  1. Hi–
    My 73-year-old eyes appreciate your site. When I’m ready to go online (early January, I guess), who do I pester to get one just like it?
    (This replaces a longer e-mail the WordPress dog ate.)

    • Hi Frank!
      Honestly, I’m not sure who could could pester about it because WordPress (the host of my site) is all do-it-yourself! But this layout is called The Zoren Theme, so if you go to http://www.wordpress.org and click the “Themes” link, you can type “The Zoren Theme” in the search bar and it will bring up a blank website that looks just like mine for you to fill in and make your own. 🙂
      I hope that helps — if you enlist the help of someone who knows a little about the internet, they shouldn’t have a problem helping. You may also be able to enlist the aid of the WordPress Help Staff. Good luck!
      My best,

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